Hi, my name is Jan.

I am an investor and entrepreneur, currently splitting my time between making a living on the stock market and building Daito, a web-based 2FA authenticator for small teams and big companies alike.

A long time ago I went to college and got a computer science degree, majoring in software engineering and running Adsense blogs as my side hustles.

In my last semester at college I learned about stuff like IT governance and IT audit and was hooked. Instead of further pursueing a careeer in online marketing I decided to go for a stint in audit and consulting first. That stint turned into a 6+ year career at Deloitte and a number of professional certifications (CISA, CISM and CISSP).

Afterwards I decided that corporate life really wasn’t for me and went the other way, into startups. I spent the next 8+ years learning the ropes in startup finance, with various roles as CFO, head of finance, CFO-on-demand and similar, either employed or as freelancer. While being finance focussed, I never lost sight of my IT roots.

In 2020 I used the worlds turmoil and re-oriented myself once more. I started working on Daito sometime during the summer of ‘rona and this has been one of my primary projects ever since.

I live in Berlin, Germany and work fully remote.

Find me online at @jansroka.